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Sustainable Development.
Long-Term Impact.

Earth Focus Kanha was born out of a belief that empowering indigenous, tribal communities is key to Kanha’s conservation and nature-based economy.

Our holistic depth model currently focuses on education and livelihoods built around landscape restoration in the park’s buffer zone.

We work with forest dwelling communities to leverage indigenous and local knowledge along with scientific and technical knowhow to build ecological and socio-economic resilience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to shape a Kanha landscape where people and nature thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower forest dwelling communities and restore nature through contextual education and sustainable livelihoods.

Why Kanha?

Kanha is not just a place, it is a feeling. A resplendent sal forest and tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh in central India, Kanha has also been home to forest dwelling communities for generations.

This landscape abounds with possibilities for restoration and the delicate relationship between forest-dwelling communities and the ecosystem provides ample opportunities to explore nature-based livelihoods and sustainable measures of restoration. 

Nature-based Livelihoods

Driven by agroforestry and native crop cultivation, our livelihoods model restores ecological health, reduces forest-based conflict, and boosts community resilience and income levels.


We build foundational learning across literacy, numeracy, and biodiversity through contextual, nature-based modules for students in primary and Anganwadi schools.


Through capacity building and access to government schemes, forest-dwelling families take ownership of our shared work, ensuring its sustainability in the long term.