Earth Focus

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We design our interventions with community ownership in mind. Through a range of capacity building tools, we ensure that our programs are community-led, to secure their sustainability in the long-term.

A large part of our staff consists of local hires from the community,who have a close understanding of community needs and nuances, these include Educators and Shiksha Preraks, who train and teach in our Education vertical; as well as Samuday Preraks who support our restoration efforts by mobilising the community. They support students towards their learning outcomes and families towards managing community plantations of native trees and other livelihood options, and also strengthen the community’s capacity to harness government schemes.

We build the capacity of local community members to lead our education and nature-based livelihoods work. Our capacity building modules range from education techniques to digital literacy – with a focus on tools that help build more robust and agile programs. To enable our goal of data-driven decision-making, we have built in-house apps in Hindi that our team uses for monitoring, evaluation and learning. These tools help us track our impact and respond quickly to challenges that arise on the field. We strive towards building trust and long-term partnerships with the community.

Especially during the challenging period of pandemic-induced school closures, we worked with community members by forming Mata Samitis. These groups of mothers enhanced community participation in children’s education. Over 500 women are now working with us, and we actively build their agency and capacity.

Other Programmes

Nature-Based Livelihoods

Our livelihoods programme intends to diversify and enhance community members’ revenue streams while rejuvenating the local ecosystem.

Education Program

Earth Focus Foundation’s pilot programme supports 1,000+ students in anganwadi and primary school grades, developing curricula rooted in Kanha’s socio-ecological context.