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Millet tradition loses flavour among Madhya Pradesh’s tribals In the expansive compound surrounding Sundi Bai Uike’s hut made from a mixture of clay and cow dung, in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a row of 10 oxen stands tethered to a central pole. The ground beneath them is strewn with dry stalks of kodo millet. Upon command, the oxen walk […]

Earth Focus Featured in 30stades Earth Focus Foundation: Empowering Kanha National Park’s tribal communities with farming, education. Earth Focus Foundation is empowering Gond and Baiga tribal communities which were relocated to the buffer zone of Kanha National Park as part of Project Tiger. It has helped educate 1200 tribal children and restored 200 acres of barren land so far. […]

EFF HOSTS NCCI’s 2nd Millet Roundtable on-site at Anandvan!

Edited by Prof. Ruth DeFries (NCCI) Earth Focus recently hosted the second Millet-focused roundtable, organized by the Network for Conserving Central India (NCCI), over 16th and 17th January 2024. The roundtable brought together people from several civil society organizations, farmer producer organizations, women self-help groups and other stakeholders to address challenges for advancing the millet […]

Earth Focus Featured in Nayi Duniya

In a small tribal village of Gudma tucked deep inside the landscape surrounding the Kanha National Park, a new chapter of knowledge and empowerment began with the inauguration of a library of 300 books, creating a vital hub of learning for primary school students. This was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the International […]

Butterflies in my Bedroom

Conversations with entomologist and education intern, Shikha Nain Kanha wears the monsoon beautifully. Everything seems to shimmer here – the stars, the fireflies, the mica-infused dirt. Shikha and I notice this as we walk across campus late in the evening. She is pulling me aside one second to save me from a black scorpion, stopping […]

Earth Focus at Nature in Focus Festival ‘Forgotten People’ – Documentary screening on how Earth Focus is transforming lives in Kanha. Empowering The Baiga Tribe To Farm Sustainably: Earth Focus Foundation is aiding the transition of Kanha’s traditional forest-dwelling Baiga community towards a lifestyle of sustainable farming – Abhaya Balaji. It was the peak of winter. The water was icy cold […]