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Earth Focus Featured in Nayi Duniya

In a small tribal village of Gudma tucked deep inside the landscape surrounding the Kanha National Park, a new chapter of knowledge and empowerment began with the inauguration of a library of 300 books, creating a vital hub of learning for primary school students. This was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the International […]

Butterflies in my Bedroom

Conversations with entomologist and education intern, Shikha Nain Kanha wears the monsoon beautifully. Everything seems to shimmer here – the stars, the fireflies, the mica-infused dirt. Shikha and I notice this as we walk across campus late in the evening. She is pulling me aside one second to save me from a black scorpion, stopping […]

Earth Focus at Nature in Focus Festival ‘Forgotten People’ – Documentary screening on how Earth Focus is transforming lives in Kanha. Empowering The Baiga Tribe To Farm Sustainably: Earth Focus Foundation is aiding the transition of Kanha’s traditional forest-dwelling Baiga community towards a lifestyle of sustainable farming – Abhaya Balaji. It was the peak of winter. The water was icy cold […]

Earth Focus Featured in Village Square Young women from forest-dwelling communities living in the buffer area of Kanha National Park are empowering themselves by educating children using unique activity-based methods designed based on the socio-ecological context of the landscape. Malti Yadav, 23, an educator at Earth Focus Foundation, conducts a storytelling activity for children at Anand Ghar (spaces established by the […]

Earth Focus Featured in Gaon Connection A non-profit helps displaced Baiga adivasis from the Kanha National Park, find stability! Displaced from their forest homes inside the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, tribal inhabitants struggled for years to find a place to call their own. A group of 32 Baiga tribe families now live in Chichrangpur village in the buffer […]

Learnings from COP27: Education as a tool of innovation for the climate change generation

Curricula can be infused with scientific and technical know-how alongside indigenous and local knowledge. The cross-cutting imperative should be to foster critical thinking instead of rote learning so that the next generation can embrace complexity and make informed choices. Instead of mirroring a broken development paradigm predicated on an extractive relationship with nature, India can […]

Lac in deadly heat: the climate connection

Investigating lessons from a lac cultivation pilot in the Baiga village of Chichrangpur The lakshagriha (or “house of lac”) of the Mahabharata was a palace built from lac in the forest village of Varnavrata. It was conceived as a scheme by Duryodhana, the eldest Kaurava, to murder his rival cousins, the Pandavas, in their sleep. […]