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Earth Focus Featured in Nayi Duniya

In a small tribal village of Gudma tucked deep inside the landscape surrounding the Kanha National Park, a new chapter of knowledge and empowerment began with the inauguration of a library of 300 books, creating a vital hub of learning for primary school students. This was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the International Association of Human Values (IAHV), IIT-UK GROUP, and Earth Focus Foundation. After meticulous study, this Primary school in Gudma was chosen as the site for the library, aligning seamlessly with Earth Focus’ ongoing education initiative, Anandghar which focuses on providing contextual education but also engages with the mothers of the students through the establishment of Mata Samitis, promoting holistic community development.

The library inauguration ceremony was a heartwarming event, attended by the headmaster, teachers, mothers from Mata Samiti, and enthusiastic children. The honor of inaugurating the library was bestowed upon Mr. Sandeep Mall. Sandeep is a well-known Health Coach and through his Deep Health workshops held at the Earth Focus campus, tirelessly advocates for the significance of health awareness while simultaneously raising crucial funds for Earth Focus.

This inauguration marked a significant stride toward the education of children, and the overall well-being of the village of Gudma and its residents.

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